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May 11, 2020
If you're going to create a thread within this section (Community Link Exchange), there are a few things that you should consider adding within your thread content.

When creating a thread within the Community Link Exchange;

Make sure that your title is relevant.

Examples would include:

LE with
LE with - 4* YDDL, 5* ZDDL
SiteURL.tld etc.

Thread content should include;
The URL of the site which you want others to LE with.
Traffic statistics.
Any additional information which you'd like the users to abide by etc.

Removing link back?
If you've LE'd through the community link exchange section, please PM the site owner you've LE'd with stating that you've removed their link back along with a reason. This is not compulsory, although, it would be good if you informed the user(s).

Remember, the more relevant information you have about your site the more it may lure people into link exchange with you. An LE thread which just states "LE with" isn't enough, members will just visit the thread and leave.

Thread for guidance only.

Not open for further replies.