Lynda & Udemy Business Account eCard and PIN

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May 11, 2020
As of this moment, we no longer offer the Udemy eCard for free, as have seen some people requesting twice with two different accounts, so have contact @Emmanuel to stop offering this for free and every request must come through this thread every one have to pay a $2 fee for each request.

What the seller must provide:

  • PayPal Transaction I.D
  • User email to be used for eCard creation.
  • The packages you paid for. "Basic => $2 or Premium = $5"
  • Specify which Product "Lynda or Udemy"
please note each eCard and PIN now cost $2
Tutorial on how to create eCard cost $5

Every order must attach the PayPal payment ID & Payment screenshot

to place Orders please use Skype(
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) or inbox @Emmanuel

WhatsApp +1(920) 375 1431

Refund Policy: Once an order is delivered no refund will be issued.
also, the Cancellation request must be placed within 5min of order placement.
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