Google AdSense Made Easy


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May 11, 2020
What is AdSense?

According to WikiPedia Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

What are the benefit of Using Google AdSense?
Here are 10 good benefits of using Google AdSense:

You now might be wondering about the benefits of Google Adsense for your services or business. Well, to your surprise there are more than one benefits that it has to offer. If you do not have any idea about the perks of Google Adsense then we have brought you some of the best advantages of using Google Adsense. Scroll down below to check them all out.

One of the major benefits of using Google Adsense is that it does not require any specific product for a user to sell. A website or a blog that has relevant and adequate information is enough to make money on Google Adsense.
Google Adsense also offers the search options which make the user stick to the page or website.

This tool is all about getting clicks on the advertisement. You can also generate multiple clicks through this search option available.

One of the other features that make Adsense really beneficial that you can manage your ads on various sites. One Adsense account can help you cater the ads on multiple different websites. Google Adsense make the monitoring process of the website really easy.

Google Adsense does not require you to know about the complicated technical processes. Anyone can use it with complete ease. Also, anyone having the slightest of knowledge about computers can know how to use within few minutes.

Unlike many other services, Google Adsense picks out the ad that is relevant and important and eventually provides the user with the advertisement.

Both the users and website owners crave for a good web design. Google Adsense allows for a great degree of customization with the ads it supplies.

Getting started on Google Adsense is extremely easy for anyone. You really do not have to get through the difficult codes to run Google Adsense.

It also allows the users to go beyond simple web browsing by placing ads on search results and also on RSS feeds. This lets users target visitors that have a purpose for their browsing which is in further is important.

Google Adsense does not require time investment at all. Anyone can easily manage it as a part time service or job.
The best part of Google Adsense is that it is absolutely free of cost.

Also, the registration process of this is not tough and you can earn a good amount of money with it.

Now lets talk about to easy trick to easily and Quickly get your Website Approved and be ready to display Ads:

Be Unique: What do i mean by being Unique: very simple: Write a unique contents, contents that a plagiarism free, that are not spinned, or translated.
By now you might be thinking that how will you be able to think of a unique article to write about, worry not, because you don't even need to think, just get your phone and open up your phone recorder, start talking about you life history in phase by phase, start from when you're small, next to a full article about your favourite food, places, moments and so on, by the time you finish doing this visit Speech Notes to transcribe your voice record to text, then you can copy this test and add them as posts(Articles) on your website, by the time you record and transcribe all phases of your life history you should be having atleast 30,000+ words and when you split this to 500 -700 words per article you should have not less than 20 post, share this articles on a daily basis to you social media accounts, like facebook, twitter pinterest and co, then after a month of doing this apply for AdSense and wait patiently for a happy reply.

The second method i will be talking about does not involve writing a unique post at all, you just have to trick Google a little, have used this method and it works perfectly without any hiccups.

First create a fresh wordpress website.
install a classified theme template and set it up (import demo contents and the required plugins should be installed)
Delete all demo Ads, and create fresh Ads yourself, you can copy ads from places like jiji, olist and co, but if you're coping Ads or using this method, the Item Seller must be the same name as seen on the sources website and the details must be thesame, also make sure the item date are different and unique if possible like 10 - 30 items should have thesame date, and you should trying to have a privacy policy, terms of service and co.

Additional whenever am using this method i always create a mobile App and add the download link on the website to make it looks more legit to the person reviewing the website from Google...

Note: Google Now do manual review of all website before approval so you should be careful about the steps above and you should never try to outsmart Google.