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May 11, 2020
What is is a platform which offers one-to-one learning (i.e provide personal tutor) solutions for students through colleges, universities, K-12 schools, and public and state libraries as well as through corporations for employee benefits and workforce development. connect learners with qualified, expert tutors online. They provide tutoring services in more than 200 academic subjects and test preparation areas in an engaging and uplifting learning environment.

What Can we get from
You can get personal tutor any time from who covers math, science, social studies and English subject. Not only this they provide advance courses and help in SAT/ ACT preparation. Below are the list of courses that they help on:

What Can we get from

How to Register for
In their website, they have mentioned the steps to register for but registering for is not like registering in any other portal there is some catch. You will need to access their services through a program specific from college/university, K-12 school, public library.

How to Register for

How to Register for
Like we earlier mentioned we will use the library method to get your personal tutor from We cannot get access to from any public library like our udemy method. So you may have a question, From which library can we get that? If yes then stay on the article we will soon share with you.

Is Really good?
The quality of depends on the quality of tutors that teaches in So, takes a series of exams and mock tests to select the tutors. So if you are curious about How to be a tutor in here is a link that explains everything.

How to be tutor in

How to be a tutor in
Now we know that the quality of tutors in quite good at so we can assume that it is good. If we see on the review by the students who have used previously they are pretty happy with their service. Below are the few reviews taken from the internet.

— Joe, 12th Grade, Virginia

— Ingram, 9th Grade, Maryland

Now that we have an idea about what is and it is good or not let's move into the actual tutorial on how to make one account for As I said earlier this is the same library eCard method so first, we will learn how to make a library card and secondly how to make a account to get a free personal tutor.

How to register for the library:
The method for registering the library is similar to Udemy Method, If you have already watched this tutorial then you can skip and steps and directly head over to LA Library and make an account. But if you are new and don’t know how to make then follow the steps carefully.

  1. First, you have to be in US IP for this use any good VPN, we will be using Vypr VPN (LA) to connect to US IP.
  2. How to register for LA library -1
  3. How to register for LA library -1
  4. After connecting to US Ip Open the library registration link. and scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the registration page.

  5. How to register for LA library -1
  6. How to register for LA library -2
  7. Enter all the details on the page for the address using google maps. or you can also use the same address that I use in this tutorial.
  8. How to register for LA library -3
  9. How to register for LA library -3Note: The last 4 digit of the phone number is your password so use something like 0000 or 1234 or something easy that you can remember.
  10. After completing all the forms and submitting you will get a library eCard.
    How to register for LA library -4
  11. How to register for LA library -4
Save the library eCard somewhere safe as it is used in the next steps to log in to and get a personal tutor.

How to create account and:
Now we have got the e-Card number of LA library lets to make a account.

  1. Open the registration link.

How to get free personal tutor -1
How to get free personal tutor -1

  1. Enter the e-Card number you got from the above step and enter last 4 digit of your phone number for pin and click on submit.
  2. How to get free personal tutor
    How to get free personal tutor
    That's all now simply scroll down and select what feature you want to use i.e get help with homework or get help with your papers or take SAT and ACT preparation there.

That's all now you can get your personal tutor for free and get any help related to maths, science English and many more.
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